Gothic to Rococo

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Diploma/Certificado de qualificação profissional de nivel 3 art & design Mind Map on Gothic to Rococo, created by jessicah1224 on 10/28/2015.

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Gothic to Rococo
1 Gothic: 1150-1425
1.1 Gothic art defines much of late mdeieval art. Very traditional and creativity was limited.
2 Early Renaissance: 1400-1450
2.1 Artistic development, people broke away from Gothic art and its traditions. More natural and less religious art work.
3 High Renaissance: 1480-1520
3.1 Development in Italian art, e.g Davinci, Michaelangelo. Sensual response to colour and scienticic accuracy
3.1.1 High and low key
4 Mannerism: 1520 -1580
4.1 Exaggerated paintings, Valued personal and idealist responses to beauty over classical ideas.
5 Baroque: 1600 - 1700
5.1 Portrays spectacular action and generates powerful emotions. Religious, mystical and historical subjects were brought to life. Dramatic lighting, e.g Carvaggio
6 Rococo: 1700 - 1775
6.1 Dutch art, portriats, landscapes, interiors, still lifes. They specialised in one subject matter
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