Structure of the flowering plant

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Meristem An area of active cell division
Apical meristems Found at tip of shoot and root, give an increase in length
Lateral meristems Found around edges of some plants, give an increase in width
Root functions Anchor the plant Absorb water and minerals Store food Transport absorbed materials to shoot
Tap roots One main root growing from the radicle Eg carrot, radish, turnip
Fibrous roots Many equal sized roots arising from stem base Eg grass, rice, wheat
Differentiation zone Here cells develop into: 1. Dermal tissue 2. Ground tissue 3. Vascular tissue
Elongation zone Here cells increase in size
Meristematic zone Here new cells are produced by mitosis divisions
Protection zone A root cap protects the cells as the root pushes through he soil
Leaf functions 1. Photosynthesis 2. Transpiration 3. Gas Exchange 4. Sometimes store food
Leaves without petiole Sessile leaves Eg blue speedwell
Veins contain __________ tissue Vascular
Flower function Contains the male and female gametes required for sexual reproduction
Stem functions 1. Support the aerial parts of the plant 2. Transport water and minerals from roots to leaves 3. Transport food from leaves to roots 4. Sometimes store food
Terminal bud Increases stem length
Lateral bud Allows growth of side branches
Lenticels Allow for gas exchange
To compare the upper and lower epidermis for the presence of stomata 1. Paint lower epidermis with nail varnish 2. Peel away using forceps. Put on slide 3. Flatten using mounted needle 4. Examine on all powers. Draw diagram 5. Repeat on upper epidermis
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