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A set of flashcards that are based on computing technical terms and meanings.

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What is the Operand An Operand specifies data that needs something to happen to it to work
Machine Code / Assembly Language Low Level Languages that the computer needs to run, usually in binary. High Level Languages are converted to this.
Binary The Base 2 number system (1s and 0s only).
What does execute mean? Runnning a computer program
What are Mnemonics? Assembly language instructions use mnemonics, they are abbrieviations
What is Op-code Op-code tells the processor what job needs doing
What are Instruction Sets decoded as? A set of sequenced operations
What does CPU stand for and what does it do? Central Processing Unit. The main part of the computer that does all the work by processing instructions.
What is Source Code? Written code that makes a program.
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