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Less Stress in 60 Seconds Nature: Look out of the window and admire the world that we live in. Less Stress in 60 Seconds Sigh: Breathe in, and SIGH. Let all of your muscles relax.
Less Stress in 60 Seconds Thankful: Take some time to reflect on what makes you happy, and what you are thankful for. Less Stress in 60 Seconds Declutter: Spend some time tidying your desk, the floor and under your chair.
Less Stress in 60 Seconds Stretch: Use this time to stretch your muscles, arms, legs, neck, feet. Less Stress in 60 Seconds Music: Listen to some music, move your body and tap the beat.
Less Stress in 60 Seconds Smile: Look at the people around the room and give them your biggest smile! Don't miss anyone out!! Less Stress in 60 Seconds Move: Jump, stretch, jog in place, do star jumps, touch your toes, wiggle your hips... get moving!
Less Stress in 60 Seconds Laugh: Take some time to laugh! Have a chat with the person next to you, tell a joke! Less Stress in 60 Seconds Breathe: Take deep breaths IN, and OUT. Close your eyes and RELAX...
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