Poetic Devices

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Some basic poetic devices. Appropriate for grade 10 or lower (high school) English class

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Simile Comparison using "as" or "like"
Alliteration Deliberate repetition of constant sounds
Assonance deliberate repetition of identical/similar vowel sounds
apostrophe an address to an absent/dead person or to an abstract entity
diction poet's distinctive choices in vocabulary
echo repetition of key word or idea for effect
hyperbole exaggeration for dramatic effect
onomatepoeia words that sound like what they men
oxymoron contradiction in two words put together irony
paradox statement that is contradicting but is accurate
personification human motives or behaviours in impersonal agencies
rhyming couplet pair of lines which end-rhyme expressing one clear thought
rhyme repetition of the same sound
rhythm internal beat and meter perceived when read aloud
tone, mood feelings or meaning conveyed in the poem
pun play on words
allusion indirect passing reference
juxtaposition two or more things places side by side, even though they aren't usually associated with each other
euphony sweetness of the sound
cacophony harshness of the sound
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