The Great Gatsby Introduction

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introduction Part 1 The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald is an extremely clever, tragic and thought-provoking novel about disillusionment and the downfall and failure of the American dream.
Introduction Part 2 However the reader cannot help but admire the utter adoration and longing displayed by Gatsby throughout the novel despite the despicable morals advertised by the ruthless Americans.
Introduction Part 3 Set in the ritzy long island in the 1920's, Fitzgerald seems to be arguing that in American life, as in his novel, money frequently corrupts ones values. It turns them into puppets on a string.
Introduction Part 4 Money controls their every move and with just a glimpse into the life of luxury, they never want to leave. Jay Gatsby, the main character, had an original dream to self improve, however after meeting Daisy Buchanan, his dream is eclipsed as Daisy becomes the dream.
Introduction Part 5 Due to the dream of attaining Daisy, Gatsby tries to recapture his past, even if he is forced to tell lies so he can meet Daisy's standards. He doesn't have the right background and unfortunately does not possess the right type of money.
Introduction Part 6 He is hopelessly devoted to her and wants to be with her so badly that he will do whatever it takes to get her. This is similar to the life depicted by Fitzgerald himself.
Introduction Part 7 Demonstrated through F Scott Fitzgerald's characters and setting in "The Great Gatsby", the morals and values of the American People are corrupted when money and power obliterate ones American dream.
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