English 10 SAT Unit 1 "It's late! Your Parents Meet You At The Door!"

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"It's late! Your Parents Meet You At The Door!"

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Question Answer
admonish Express disapproval gently; warn
castigate reprimand severely
chastise punish; criticize severely
Curtail Shorten; reduce
rescind take away; cancel
scrutinize examine closely and critically
become vociferous noisy; loud; vocal
alienate make hostile; separate
cajole persuade with gentle urging; coax
condone overlook; excuse
dissent disagree
exacerbate Make a situation worse; provoke
refute prove wrong or false
repudiate refuse to recognize or acknowledge; reject
trivialize act as if something is of little or no importance
acquiesce accept without protest; comply
become conciliatory agreeable; reconciling
become contrite repentant for wrongdoing; remorseful
concede you are culpable deserving blame; guilty
engender cause; bring about
respect your candor frankness; plain-speaking
show clemency mercy; forgiveness
establish criteria standards for judging quality or usefulness
expunge your punishment cancel; erase
present a viable arrangement workable; practical
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