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Abdomin Abdomen example: Abdominal
Angio Blood Vessel Example: Angiogram
Arterio artery Example: Arteriosclerosis
Arthr Joint Example: Arthitis
Broncho Bronchus, Bronchi, Airways Example: Bronchospasm (Asthma)
Cardi Heart Example: Cardiology, Cardiovasuclar
Cephal Head Example: Megalocephalic
Chole Gall Bladder Example: Cholecystitis
Colo Colon, Large intestine Example: Colonoscopy
Cost Rib Example: Subcostal retraction
Crani Skull Example: Cranium, craniotomy
Cyan Bluish discolouration Example: Cyanosis (short of breath)
Cyst Bladder Example: cholecystitis
Dent Teeth Example: Dentist
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