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Untitled (binary/octet-stream) C. Canna Lilly G.E. Canna Hybrida F. Cannaceae
2 (binary/octet-stream) Cockscomb Celosia Argentea (Cristata) Amarantheaceae
4 (binary/octet-stream) Fuchsia Fuchsia Hybrida Onagraceae
5 (binary/octet-stream) Sunflower Helianthus Annuus asteraceae
6 (binary/octet-stream) Licorice Plant Helichrysum petiolare Asteraceae
7 (binary/octet-stream) Impatiens or busy lizzie impatiens Balsaminaceae
8 (binary/octet-stream) New Guinea impatiens impatiens X hawkeri Balsaminaceae
9 (binary/octet-stream) Sweet Alyssum Lobularia Maritime Brassicaceae
10 (binary/octet-stream) Love-In-A-Mist nigella Damaseena Ranunculaceae
11 (binary/octet-stream) Zonal Geranium Pelorgonium X hortorum geraniaceae
12 (binary/octet-stream) Castor Bean ricinus Communis Euphorbiaceae
13 (binary/octet-stream) Marigold Tagetes Spp Asteraceae
14 (binary/octet-stream) Mexican Sunflower Tithonia Rotundifolia Asteraceae
15 (binary/octet-stream) Pansy Viola X wittrockiana Violaceae
16 (binary/octet-stream) Zinnia Zinnia elegens Asteraceae