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Based on powerpoint presentation of: Nina Pološki Vokić, Ph.D., full professor Management BDIB Graduate School of Economics and Business Academic year 2014/2015

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Leading Process of inspiring others to work hard to accomplish important tasks
Management Vs. Leadership Efficiency vs Effectiveness Things vs People Position vs Person Functioning of organization vs Promotion of vision Achieving results vs Enabling change
Leadership styles Autocratic/directive - High concern for the task and low concern for people Democratic/participative - High concern for both people and tasks
Directions in leadership research Trait approach (on leader’s personal characteristics) Behavioral approach (leader’s behavior) Contingency approach (match between leader behavior and situational characteristics) Charismatic approach (Focus on visionary qualities)
Trait approach (Theories) Physical traits Personality traits Intelligence
Behavioral approach McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Likert’s management styles Blake and Mounton’s leadership grid
Likert’s management styles (Leadership behaviors) Extremely autocratic Benevolently autocratic Consultative Group-participative
Blake and Mounton’s leadership grid
Blake and Mounton’s leadership grid (Explain points) 9.9. Team Management 1.9. Country Club Management 9.1. Authority-Obedience Management 1.1. Impoverished Management 5.5. Middle-of-Road Management
Contingency approach Fiedler’s contingency model House’s path-goal leadership theory Vroom-Jago leader-participation theory Integrative leadership style model
House’s path-goal leadership theory (Leadership styles) Directive leadership Supportive leadership Achievement-oriented leadership Participative leadership
Leader behaviors Directive Supportive Achievement oriented Participative
Situational contingencies Subordinate: Ability, Experience,Locus of control. Environment: Task structure, Authority, system, Work group
Vroom-Jago leader participation theory Effective leadership results when the decision method used correctly matches the characteristics of the problem to be solved
Decision-making methods Authority decision Consultative decision Group decision
Integrative leadership style model Leader | Leadership style ----------------------------------------- Followers| Situation
Charismatic approach “Superleaders”: Charismatic leaders, Visionary leaders, Global leaders, etc.
Attributes of transformational leaders Vision Charisma Symbolism Empowerment Intellectual stimulation Integrity
Characteristics of global leaders Thinking globally, Appreciating diversity, Developing technological savvy, Building partnerships, Sharing leadership, Creating a shared vision, Developing people, Empowering people
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