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Chapters 1-2

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A ____________ is a significant occurrence in a person's life that may produce serious and long-lasting effects Life event
____________ is a major theme of the LCP which suggests that experiences with one life transition have an impact on subsequent transitions and events and may either guard the life course trajectory or put it at risk Developmental risk and protection
A ________ is a change in roles and statuses that represent a distinct departure from prior roles and statuses Transition
A cohort is similar, yet distinct from a Generation
A(n) ________ perspective looks at how chronological age, relationships, common life transitions, and social change shape people's lives from birth to death Life course
A ________ is a long-term pattern of stability and change, which usually involves multiple transitions Trajectory
The life course perspective is useful to social work because it acknowledges the _______ of people's lives Diversity
A(n) ________ is the sequence of significant events, experiences, and transitions in a person's life Event history
________ is a major theme of the life course perspective which suggests that individual and family development must be understood in a past context Interplay of human lives and historical time
A _______ is a life event or transition that produces a shift in the life course trajectory Turning point
U.S. federal law allows women to legally choose an abortion until the point at which the baby could survive outside the womb. This point is referred to as _______. Fetal viability
Which of the following genes give competing and controlling messages at the same time? Interactive
According to the text, the social meaning of childbearing in the United States has changed dramatically over the past several decades. Which of the following statements is evidence of this change? There are greater variations in family values
Traits governed by _______ will only be expressed if the responsible gene is present on each chromosome of the relevant pair. Recessive genes
A woman who has been pregnant in the past, also known as a _______, recognizes the signs of excessive fatigue and soreness in her breasts as a sign of pregnancy. Multigravida
Studies show that women who use doulas experience shorter labors, decreased postpartum depression, and _______. Less pain
During the _______, fetuses experience the most rapid period of brain development. Second trimester
An average pregnancy lasts how many days when calculated from gestational age? 280 days
A _______ contains the codes for producing particular ttraits and dispositions. Gene
Which of the following terms represents the fertilized egg? Zygote
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