Forensic DNA Analysis I

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terms and topics to get through DNA I

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RFLP Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
VNTR variable number tandem repeat
RFLP compared to PCR not sensitive, 25ng+ DNA needed, sensitive to degradation (alleles are lg), labour intensive & time-consuming
PM+DQA1 Polymarker plus DQA1: limited discrimination 1-2 ng needed smaller frags amplified (242-245 bases) labor intensive
AMPFLPs Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms poor discrimination ranged in size 200-1000bp
STR Short Tandem Repeats or microsatellites
STR multiplexes simultaneous analysis high discrimination 0.5-1 ng DNA 100-300 bp range automation
CODIS Combined DNA Index System: DBA database - FBI program 3 tiers: local, state & national (USA) // 2 tiers: local national (CAD) as of Jan 2017 - 20 CORE loci (orig. 13 loci)
DNA Transfer not whether DNA is from a person but rather HOW it got to where it was found; DNA can be transferred directly or indirectly
Touch DNA DNA from epithelial cells, small amounts of DNA, Factors: Shredders vs. Non-Shedders, type of surface, length of time, previous handlers, presence of other body fluids
Locard's Exchange Principle contact btw 2 items there will ALWAYS be an exchange of material
Standards for Comparison 1. cannot enter vic profile into CODIS 2. use elimination samples to prevent non-suspect from being entered 3. direct comparison btw suspect and unknown when eliminations not possible 4. (CAD) request removal of profiles uploaded in error
Primary Transfer transfer of DNA from person to object
Secondary Transfer DNA is on 1 item/person and is transferred to a different item/person (ex. Person A, sweaty, shakes hands w\ person B, B opens door handle - person A’s DNA is found on door handle)
Sample Collection cutting, swabbing, dry swab, wet/dry swab
SWGDAM Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Method
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