Mass Media & Crime

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A2 Sociology Mind Map on Mass Media & Crime, created by Ashleigh Gildroy on 02/09/2017.

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Mass Media & Crime
  1. Crime and Fiction
    1. Surette (1998) - The 'law of opposites':
      1. Crime is distorted in a number of ways
        1. Media fiction focuses on calculated murder committed by strangers
          1. Statistically, most murders are the result of brawls or domestic violence. Increasing peoples fear in crime, when it's unlikely
        2. Offenders tend to be middle class in fiction and police clear up rates are very high with the police shown in a positive light
          1. Cops/ Police are actually seen very negatively and statistically, working classes commit more crimes
      2. Crime and Reality TV
        1. Reality TV Shows distort the realities of crime
          1. Exaggerate and dramatize the crimes
            1. Crop the day-to-day activities of the Police Forces job to make the show more interesting
              1. Bias towards the police force. Show them in a perfect light all the time
                1. Makes people feel extreme crime is more frequent than is actually is
              2. Crime and News
                1. Offers distorted view in comparison to true statistics
                  1. Over represent sexual and violent crimes
                    1. Duffy found 46% of coverage was of this type of crime, although official statistics suggest it only accounted for 3% of recorded crime
                      1. Tends to be age fallacy = The victims tend to be middle class or elderly
                        1. Over plays extraordinary crimes such as Madeline McCain
                          1. Preoccupation with sex crimes
                        2. News Values
                          1. Crime and the News are a social construction
                            1. Agenda setting = Where journalists and others involved in news production push a particular topic that they view as needing to be discussed
                              1. Seen as signal crimes (Crime stories that receive a massive amount of media attention)
                                1. Such as Jimmy Saville and Madeleine McCain
                              2. News Values = Immediacy, drama, human interest, higher status, simplification, novelty, and violence
                                1. More likely to be reported if they contain these elements
                                  1. The news over exaggerates certain types of crime
                                    1. Murder & Sexual Crimes
                                      1. Increase fear of crime in individuals
                                        1. Middles Class Crimes are rarely reported on the news, thus getting away with their act
                                  2. News Moral Panics & The Media
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