Meiosis - Biology B2

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Begins with a cell in the testes or ovaries The cell contains 46 chromosomes
Each chromosomes duplicates to form an "arm" and an 'x' shaped chromosome This means that there are 92 chromatids (halves of an 'x' shape chromosome)
The cell splits(splitting the 'x' shaped chromosomes) to form two daughter cells each containing 46 chromosomes and DNA from both the mother and father the chromosomes are no longer 'x' shaped
Each of the two daughter cells, containing 46 chromosomes, organise and split evenly - each into 2 daughter cells there are 4 daughter cells called gametes, each containing 23 chromosomes
These gametes are sex cells, sperm cells in men and egg cells in women These gametes can combine to create a full cell (46 chromosomes), this cell will begin the process of mitosis
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