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Describes the steps of Mitosis briefly. The order of the steps is as follows: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Cytokinesis (technically separate), and Interphase. Mitosis is a cycle of theses steps.

Selam H
Created by Selam H over 3 years ago
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1 Prophase: DNA condenses and gets organized into chromosomes (organize in pairs)
1.1 Nucleolus disappears
1.2 Nuclear Membrane disappears
1.3 Centrioles (made of microtubules) form spindle fibers
2 DNA dupicates and two daughter cells have an exact copy of all the chromosome of parent cell
3 Metaphase: Shortest phase
3.1 Chromatids line up at middle. of cell.
3.2 Spindle Fibers atatch at centromere
4 Telophase: Near final splitting off of cell
4.1 Nuceoli reform
4.2 Identical Nuclear Membranes reforms
5 Anaphase: Spindle Fibers pull sister chromatids apart
5.1 One copy of each go to each pole
5.2 One exact copy of each chromosome made
6 Interphase: "Normal/Resting State"
6.1 Getting ready for next divison
6.2 Duplicates Nucleic Acids
7 Cytokinesis: Splitting of cytoplasm
7.1 Happens at same time as Telophase
7.2 Cell Membrane pinches → make two separate cells

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