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Paolo de Matteis, The Judgement of Hercules, 1712, oil on canvas
Antoine Coypel, Aeneas and Achates appearing to Dido, c. 1715-1717, oil on canvas
Antoine Watteau, Pilgrimage to the Island of Cythera, 1717, oil on canvas
Jean-Marc Nattier, Mademoiselle Clermont as a Sultana, 1733, oil on canvas
Canaletto, Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day, 1740, oil on canvas
Attr. to Martin Van Meytens, Marie Theresa in Costume of a Sultana, c.1733-1744, pastel
Giovanni Batista Piranesi, The Piazza della Rotunda, with the Pantheon and Obelisk (from Le Vedute de Roma), c.1751, etching
Jean-Baptise Perronneau, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, oil on canvas, 1753
Richard Wilson, Landscape Cappriccio on the Via Aemelia, the Temple of the Sibyl at Tivoli and the Broken Bridge at Narni, 1754, oil on canvas
Arthur Devis, John Orde, his second wife Anne, his eldest son William, and his (now unnamed) servant, 1754-56, oil on canvas
Empress Maria Theresa and court architect Jacques Andre Le Noble , Millionenzimmer,created during renovations at Schonbrunn Palace in 1760s, Vienna
Johann Zoffany, Fourteenth Lord Willougby De Broke and his Family, c.1766, oil on canvas
Attr. to David Martin, Portrait of Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady Elizabeth Belle (late 1770s)
Pompeo Batoni, Thomas William Coke, Later 1st Earl of Leicester, 1773-1774, oil on canvas
Johann Zofanny, The Tribuna of the Ufizzi, 1771-1777, oil on canvas
Jean-Baptiste Greuze, The Beloved Mother, 1785, oil on canvas
After Nicholas Revett, Details of one of the caryatids and entablature of the south porch of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis, in James Stuart and Nicholas Revett, The Antiquities of Athens, measured and delineated, Vol. II, (London, 1787), etching and engraving
Plate I – “Letterpress printing”, from Encyclopédie, ou Dictionnaire raisonnée des sciences, des arts, et des métiers...; Vol.7, published by chez Briasson, printed by le Breton, 1751-65, France (Paris).
William Hogarth, Harlot’s Progress, Plate 2, 1732, etching and engraving
William Hogarth, Strolling Actresses Dressing in a Barn, 1738, engraving and etching
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