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Flashcard deck about plate tectonics also containing questions about Montserrat.
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What Is A Tectonic Plate? Huge slabs of rock which form the Earth's crust and float on mantle.
What are the 2 main plate boundaries? Mid-Atlantic Ridge-Constructive Boundary. Pacific Ring of Fire-Destructive Boundary.
On what plate is Montserrat located? Caribbean Plate
Label the volcano.
Where do shield volcanoes occur? On constructive plate boundaries.
What happens on a constructive plate boundary? Two plates move apart, magma rises to the surface as a result and a volcano is formed
What happens on a destructive plate boundary? Oceanic and continental plates collide, the heavier oceanic plate sinks beneath the continental plate into the subduction zone and the melted crust rises causing volcanic eruptions. Example is the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Label the destructive plate boundary.
What happens at a conservative plate boundary? Give an example. Tectonic plates slide past each other, causing powerful earthquakes such as the San Andreas Fault.
What happens at a collision plate boundary? Two continental plates push together, the plates buckle and form fold mountains and also causing violent earthquakes.
Give an example of fold mountains. Himalayas
What are the benefits of living in an area of volcanic activity? After an eruption highly fertile soils are left, attracting farmers. The tourism industry flourishes after a volcano eruption. Geothermal energy may be harnessed.
Approximately how many active volcanoes are there in the world? 800
After the Montserrat volcano eruption, how many people left the island as refuges? 8000
What is the capital of Montserrat? Plymouth
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