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C Programming The C programming language is one of the oldest and most popular in the world. It's used for writing applications and operating systems.
#include <stdio.h> Stands for standard input-output header. It is the default library in C programming
; You must finish every declaration with a ;
If/Else If/Else statements are written like this: if ( TRUE ) { Execute these statements if TRUE }else { Execute these statements if FALSE }
For Loops For loops are written this way: for ( variable initialization; condition; variable update ) { Code to execute while the condition is true }
Common Variables Data Type Initialser int 0 char '\0' float 0 pointer NULL
Arrays Type nameOfArray [size];
Bi-Dimensional Arrays Type nameOfArray [size][size];
Print text or variables Text:Printf("Variable \n"); Variable: Printf("Variable: %d", variable);
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