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Exam 3, covers the last 33 images out of 100
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Artist: Monet Title: Water Lilies Year: 1905
Artist: Seurat Title: A Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte Year: 1884
Artist: Van Gogh Title: The Starry Night Year: 1889
Artist: Gauguin Title: La Orna Maria Year: 1891
Artist: Cézanne Title: Mont Sainte-Victoire Year: 1897
Artist: Picasso Title: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Year: 1907
Artist: Matisse Title: Joy of Life Year: 1906
Artist: Duchamp Title: The Large Glass Year: 1915-23
Artist: Boccioni Title: Unique Forms of Continuity in Space Year: 1913
Artist: Kirchner Title: Street in Dresden Year: 1919
Artist: Kandinksy Title: Composition VIII Year: 1923
Artist: Breuer Title: Wassily Chair Year: 1925
Artist: Tatlin Title: Monument to the Third International Year: 1919-20
Artist: Eisenstein Title: Battleship Potemkin Year: 1925
Artist: Hopper Title: Nighthawks Year: 1942
Artist: Manship Title: Prometheus Year: 1934
Artist: Cartier-Bresson Title: Seville Year: 1933
Artist: Dalí Title: Metamorphosis of Narcissus Year: 1937
Artist: Picasso Title: Guernica Year: 1939
Artist: Kahlo Title: The Two Fridas Year: 1939
Artist: Pollock Title: Convergence Year: 1952
Artist: Rothko Title: Red, White and Yellow Year: 1953
Artist: Newman Title: Broken Obelisk Year: 1963
Artist: Warhol Title: Nine Jackies Year: 1964
Artist: Karpow Title: Household Year: 1964
Artist: Sherman Title: Untitled Film Still Year: 1978
Artist: Kruger Title: Your Body is a Battleground Year: 1989
Artist: Gonzalez Torres Title: Untitled Year: 1991
Artist: Thomas Title: Les Trois Femmes Noires Year: 2010
Artist: Beuys Title: 7000 Oaks Year: 1982-87
Artist: Lin Title: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Year: completed 1982
Artist: Hirst Title: Pharmacy Year: 1992
Artist: Abramovic Title: The Kitchen Year: 2010
Artist: Viola Title: Ocean Without a Shore Year: 2007
Artist: Goldsworthy Title: One Wall Year: 2010
Artist: Shonibare MBE Title: How to Blow Up Two Heads at Once (Ladies) Year: 2006
Artist: Ai Wei Wei Title: Sunflower Seeds Year: 2010-1
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