How has Surrealism Photography Changed and Developed?

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Changed and developments of surrealism in photography though the times.
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How has Surrealism Photography Changed and Developed?
  1. Primary Research
    1. Photography Shoots
      1. 1st Shoot
        1. Inspiration - Man Ray
          1. Collaging - Floral Patterns/Mixture of simplistic ideas to create a more complex idea
        2. 2nd Shoot
          1. Inspiration - Gary Scholes
            1. Layering Images
              1. Bold Colours with use of layering images
            2. 3rd Shoot
              1. Inspiration - Marie Flore
                1. Flying/Floating Subjects
                  1. Dream Atmosphere
                    1. Pale/Pastel Colours
                2. Focus Group/Forum
                  1. Photography Tutors
                    1. Photography Students
                      1. Profesional Photographers
                      2. Artefact - Sketchbook
                        1. Specialist Product
                      3. Secondary Research
                        1. History of Surrealism
                          1. Why did it originate?
                            1. How is it achieved in the modern day?
                              1. What is surrealism?
                                1. What techniques are used within surrealist photography?
                                  1. How has it changed and developed throughout the century?
                                    1. How was it achieved when it first originated?
                                      1. When did it originate?
                                      2. Artist Analysis
                                        1. Gary Scholes
                                          1. Use of Bold Colours
                                            1. 2D Surrealist Graphic Designer
                                              1. Mixing modern social concerns with everyday life
                                              2. Local Artist
                                              3. Marie Flore - Sleep Elevations
                                                1. Pale Colours
                                                  1. WebPage Artist
                                                    1. 'Floating/Flying' Subjects
                                                      1. Clouds/Dandelions/Baloons
                                                    2. Man Ray
                                                    3. Tate Museum
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