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Is a food Calorie smaller or larger then an energy calorie? larger
what % of the Earths Land can we grow crops on? 11%
Where does more than half of Canada's imported food come from? USA
how much of Canada's landmass is free from severe limitations for crop production? 5%
According to the Canada Land Inventory how many classes of agricultural land exist in Canada? 7
T or F. The primary sector of the agri-food industry includes food produced in backyard home gardens. T
Which province has the highest concentration of urban land in Canada? Ontario
T or F. The Neolithic Revolution occurred approximately 100,000 years ago. F
T or F. The agricultural revolution that coincided with the scientific and industrial revolutions is considered to be the British Agricultural Revolution. T
T or F. The main benefit of the Green Revolution was that it increased agricultural production worldwide. T
Agriculture is considered to have originated first in? The fertile crescent of the Middle East
All nitrogen fixing plants are: Legumes
Canada is #1 in the world in the production of the following crop: Canola
Which of the following has decreased over the last 100 years in Canada: # of Farms
T or F. Soil structure describes the proportion of sand, silt and clay particles present in the soil while soil texture refers to the arrangement of these soil particles into aggregates. F
Top soil is the most productive soil layer because: It is where most Organic matter is found
The process by which organisms can take nitrogen from the atmosphere and convert it to soil nitrogen. Biological Nitrogen Fixation
The macronutrient that is difficult to manage because it is very strongly held by most soils is: phosphorous
In conservation tillage operations at least _____ of the soil surface is covered with plant residues. 30%
We generally do NOT find nutrient deficiencies associated with the following soil condition: Soils with high organic matter contents
The Haber-Bosch process is the industrial process used to produce: Nitrogen fertilizers
The first trophic level of a soil food web consists of Plants
T or F. Soil organic matter is a very homogeneous mixture of materials F
Nitrification describes the process whereby: Ammonium is converted into nitrate (the more plant-available form of nitrogen)
The following is a broad spectrum herbicide used to kill broad-leaf weeds and grasses: Glyphosate
The following is the commonly used insecticide linked to Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder: Neonicotinoids
T or F. Systemic pesticides are pesticides that kill as a result of direct contact F
The environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that uses pesticides judiciously is called: IPM
A soil with greater than 30% organic matter is considered to be an organic soil T
An important benefit of conservation tillage is decreased weeds. F
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