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What is the GDP of Liechtenstein 89,400
What is the name of the german president Joachim Gauck
Leader of liechtenstein Adrian Hasler
What is the population of Slovenia 2,000,000
What is the territory of Hungary 35,919
What is the Capital of Liechtenstein Vaduz
Bacs Kiskun is in which Country?? Hungary
What is the main river in Poland?? The Vistula River
What is the national day of Poland? November 11 Independence day
What is the Capital of Austria Vienna
Oblano-Kraska is in which country? Slovenia
What is the Leader of Germany Joachim Gauck
What is the name of the Leader of Hungary? Janos Ader
In what countries does the Danube river flows? Rumania,Bulgaria,Serbia,Croatia,Hungary, Slovakia,Austria and Germany
What is the national holiday on Liechtenstein?? The king birthday currently at Feb 14
Who is the leader of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman
What is the Currency in Germany? Euro
What is the currency in Hungary Florint
What is the Currency in Liechtenstein?? Swiss Franc
Which country Joined with Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro to for the nation of Yugoslavia. Slovenia
What are the countries that were once Austro-Hungary empire?? Austria and HUngary
Which of the Countries in central Europe was invaded in 1939 at the Start of WW2 Poland
What is the Currency in Poland? Zloty
What is the population of Slovakia?? 5,000,000
What is the territory of Liechtenstein?? 62 SqMi
What is the country in which Geneva is? Switzerland
What is the Leader of Slovenia? Borut Pahor
Is Blazers in Liechtenstein?? Yes
Is Mauren in Hungary?? No
Bonus -Who is Angela Markel- The chancillier of Germany
Who is Brontislaw Komorowzkie? The leader of Poland
What is the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana
Where is the Usedom Island In the Baltic sea, belongs to Germany
That is the Shape of Slovakia
What country has a population of 8,000,000 Switzerland and Austria
What is the least populated country and what is its population? Lichtenstein population 37,000
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