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What are both the ALU and CU ? Arithmetic Logic unit - Does all logical calculations and can be used to compare numbers Control unit - Coordinates the operation of the processor and the movement of data from mem. to CPU
Difference between the MAR and PC ? The MAR contains the address of the next instruction or data. Whereas the PC only contains the address of the next instruction. (Used to keep count/track)
Describe the ... MDR, CIR and ACC MDR - Memory data register, Stores all data and instructions to and from the memory and CPU CIR - Stores the currently decoded and executed instruction. ACC - Stores the result of the calculation made in the ALU
What does the system bus consist of ? The address bus (One way) The data bus (Two way) The control bus (Two way)
Name and explain the three factors of a CPU's performance Clock speed, Cache and Multiple processors
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