P2: Dangers of static elsetricity, Charge and current

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This is a couple of additional physics topic questions. Including some relevent equations and definitions.

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Dangers of static electricity -explosions Fuel out of a filler pipe builds up a static. Leads to a spark. Explodes in a dusty fumey place.
Uses of static electricity -electrostatic spray paint Spray gun charged, charges paint. Paint repels eachother=fine spray. Object is opposite charge attracts all paint. -even coat -not much waste paint -paints all object even when facing away from spray.
How to prevent electrostatic charge building up? -Earth objects Connects charged object to ground. Easy oute for static charges. No charge build up. Electrons go up=Positive charge Electrons go down=Negative charge
Current? -Rate of flow of charge round the circuit. Current will only flow if there is a voltage across that component.
Voltage (potential difference)Driving force that pushes current around.
Resistance? Anything in circuit which slows flow down.
There is a balance? Voltage trying to push the current around the circuit. Resistance opposing it. Relative size of voltage and resistance decide how big the current.
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