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ansawer-ansawered /d/ I ansawered an exam the last month
Rent/Rented /id/ I rented a departament for my parents yesterday
Paint/Painted /id/ I painted a wall the last week
Need/Needed /id/ I needed sugar for my tea last monday
Finish-Finished /t/ I finished a video game last year
Open-oppened /d/ I oppened a web site last tuesday
Climb/Climbed /d/ I climb the wall to win a game last monday
Dicide-Dicided /d/ I decide eat a salad for dinner last week
Play-Played /d/ I played a game whit my friends the last saturday
rain-rained /d/ All the last month rained
Start-Started /id/ I started to do my homework yesterday
Listen-Listened /d/ I listened country music in a party last month
Stay-Staied /t/ My friend staited whit me last week
Smile-Smiled /d/ I smiled when I saw my gift
Plant-Planted /id/ I planted a tree two months ago
Cook-Cooked /t/ I cooked the dinner yesterday
ask-asked /t/ My father asked for his shoes last week
Dance-Danced /d/ I danced whit my parents last month
check-checked /t/ The teacher checked my homework yesterday
Look-Looked /t/ I looked a sunglasses the last week
Practice-Practiced /d/ I practiced to my exam yesterday
Miss-Missed /d/ you missed my credential yesterday?
Help-Helped /t/ I helped my friend whit his homework last week
Shop-Shopped /t/ I shopped a tv last year
Work-Worked /t/ My dad worked until the night all the last week
Believe-Believed /d/ I believed in the wise men ten years ago
Talk-Talked /t/ I talked whit my grandma the last month
Pass-Passed /t/ I passed my exam yesterday
Close-Closed /d/ do you closed the door yesterday?
Clean- Cleaned /d/ My mom cleaned my room yesterday
call-called /d/ My dad called my from U.S.A last year
Love-Loved /d/ I loved the mustard until two years ago
Enjoy-Enjoyed /d/ I enjoyed the travel the last week
Cancel-Cancelled /d/ I cancelled my order the last Sunday
Walk-Walked /t/ I walked until the "tuzo bus" yesterday
Copy-Copied /d/ My friend copied from my exam the last year
Wash-washed /t/ I washed my car last monday
like-liked /d/ Iliked the pizza threeyears ago
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