Diversite Culturelle

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racial hatred haine raciale
integration problems problemes d'intergrations
discrimination la discrimination
native french les francais de souche
to immigrate immigrer
racist behaviour le comportement raciste
racial discrimination la discrimination raciale
verbal abuse l'agression verbale
build a bridge between generer un pont entre
open borders policy politique d'immigration massive
differences in opinion les desaccords
to accept accepter
a bigot un sectaire
a prejudice un prejuge
attitude une attitude
a preconceived notion une idee preconcue
negative attributes les defauts
tolerance la tolerance
unconsciously inconsciemment
at first au premiere abord
at first a premiere vue
to perceive percevoir
to seem paraitre
to notice remarquer
to witness etre temoin de
to underlie sous-tendre
to consider considerer
to work off the idea that partir du principe
to affirm affirmer
to generalise generaliser
to find a balance trouver un equilibre
traits les traits de caractere
arrogant orgueilleux(euse)
to think oneself superior se croire superieur
to master the language maitriser la langue
to respect the local customs respecter les moeurs locales
the cultures clash les cultures s'entrechoquent
refugee le refugie
illegal immigrant le sans-papier
to control the flow of immigrants maitriser les flux d'entree
ethnic minorities les groups ethniques minoritaires
to want to maintain ones culture vouloir conserver son identite culturelle
sense of alienation le sentiment d'exclusion
illegal employment le travailer noir
a multitude of dialects une multidute de dialects
main distinction la distinction principale
polyglot polyglote
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