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Communication in HSC

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Wondrak (1998) person centred is a very positive view of human behaviour; an inherent belief that every person is capable of fulfilling personal ambitions and reaching their full potential Henderson and Forbat -relationships are central to informal care -emphasise 'the importance of the interpersonal and relational component of carer exchanges' -care is often reciprocal, care policy fail to reflect the 'compexity and multiplicity' of many relationships
-Language in HSC seen as activity alongside 'psyhical' and 'psychological' helping -Talk is a way of forging relationships Sapir 1949 'The content of every culture is expressible in its language'
-Language is a part of the 'service' provided in HSC -language in HSC settings often invites particular forms of actions -Developing a sensitivity to the use of language can help practice in HSC -People interact with language a nd continually create identities Key implications for practice when we label people: -words that label people can carry moral, political and emotional implications (social context) -words historical/cultural meaning -attaching labels with negative meaning stigmatise and may be opressive for the individual -labels may justyfy or invite paricular action or treatment -considered as usual within a dominant culture
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