Reported speech

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The reporte speech is a way to say something that other person said.

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María likes chocolates. María said she likes chocolates.
Juan plays basketball. Juan said he plays basketball.
Mariana is a professional dance. Mariana said she is a professional dance.
Ximena eats a candy every afternoon. Ximena said that she eats a candy every afternoon.
Julieta has classes online. Julieta said that she has classes online.
Lupita sells desserts for eventos. Lupita said she sells desserts for eventos.
Rachel sings every friday at the theater. Rachel said she sings every friday in the theater.
Emiliano studies medicine. Emiliano said he is studying medicine.
Leonardo makes works of art and collects them. Leonardo said he makes works of art and charges them.
Paco is going to open a restaurant. Paco said that he is going to open a restaurant.
Anecdote Anécdota
Avert Evitar
Candid Cándido
Dialogue Diálogo
Drastic Drástico
Erratic Errático
Fortify Fortalecer, fortificar
Isolate Aislar(se)
Illuminate Iluminar
Urb Urbano
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