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Translate to English: Eu fui de avião para Londres. I flew to London.
SURPRISE TELL A STORY: The more expensive item I have ever bought.
Translate to English: O que mais você precisa da livraria? What else do you need from the bookstore?
Translate to Portuguese: Você quer dar uma volta comigo? Do you want to take a walk with me?
Spot the mistake: What's the different between reson and idea? What's the difference between reason and idea?
Spot the mistake: Jane didn't felt like to cook yesterday. Jane didn't feel like cooking yesterday.
Transform to interrogative: She grew up in the countryside. Did she grow up in the countryside?
Transform to negative: As a matter of fact, I really like spiders. As a matter of fact, I don't really like spiders.
Translate to English: Eu coloquei fogo no jardim de proposito. I put fire in the garden on purpose. I set the garden on fire on purpose.
Translate to English: O avião decolou há uma hora atrás. The plane took off one hour ago.
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