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Question Answer
C1 Arithmetic Series : nth term Un = a + ( n - 1) d
Arithemtic Series : sum Sn = n/2 ( a + (n-1) d
Differentiation y=x -----> dy/dx (derivative) -----> d2y/dx2 f(x) -----> f'(x) -----> f"(x) 1. power x coefficient 2. power -1 Gives estimate for gradient of tangent
Integration d2y/dx2-----> dy/dx (derivative) -----> y=x f"(x) -----> f'(x) -----> f(x) 1. power +1 2. coefficient/power 3. + C Gives equation of line
Arithmetic Series: Sum using last term Sn = n/2 (a+L)