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health & remedies

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medicine, medication (M) a cure (M) sth that stops a disease
to cure (E) make someone healthy (E)
vaccination, injection (D) Injektion, Impfung (D)
to be on your deathbed (D) auf dem Totenbett sein (D)
illness (E) feeling that comes with a disease (E)
disease (E) something an organ has (E)
epidemic (E) Seuche (E) also: plague
prescription (E) Rezept (E)
treatment (E) Behandlung (E)
surgery Chirurgie
operation (E) Operation (E) the act of a surgery
painkiller (M) Schmerzmittel (M)
addictive (E) süchtigmachend (E) Tobacco is highly addictive.
non-addictive nicht süchtig machend
condition a state physical or mental
stable condition stabiler Zustand
affectionate (E) liebevoll, zärtliche (E)
smuggle up (M) curl up, sich einrollen (M)
scratching post (D) Kratzbaum (D)
grooming (E) Pflege, care (E)
maintenance act of maintaining keep an existing state die Wartung
bow and arrow (D) Pfeil und Bogen (D)
poisonous plants (E) giftige Pflanzen (E)
decade (E) a period of ten years (E)
indigenous tribe (E) Eingeborenenstamm (E) lived in a place for a very long time before people came to live there The reached the indigenous tribe on the third day of their journey.
to bark up the wrong tree doing sth that will not get the result you want
astonish (M) erstaunen (M) The moon landing still astonishes me.
belief (E) Glaube (E) She has a strong belief in the strength of Europe.
cancer (E) Krebs (E) Everyone hopes for a breakthrough in a cancer research.
chemical (E) chemisch, Chemikalie Some say love is just a chemical reaction, caused by chemicals in our body.
historian (E) Historiker/in (E) My brother studied History and Greek, he's the only historian I know.
ingredient (E) Zutat (E) Next, mix the ingredients in a large bowl.
inject (M) spritzen, injiziieren (M) Do you inject insulin every day?
injection (E) Spritze, Injektion (E) Do you need injections for your diabetes?
old-fashioned (E) altmodisch (E) His grandfather's old jacket makes him look old-fashioned.
herbal (medicine) (E) Kräuter- (Medizin) This medicine is herbal - it's made only from herbs.
native tribe (E) Eingeborenenstamm (E) The rainforest is home to many native tribes.
remedy (E) Heilmittel (E) Have you heard of cardamom as remedy for headaches?
anaesthetic (M) Betäubungsmittel The operation was done under anaesthetic, so I didn't feel a thing.
carry out ausführen You came up with the plan, but I had to carry it out.
state of health (E) Befinden, Gesundheitszustand (E) Get a check-up at your doctor's, she'll tell you what state of health you're in.
surgeon (E) ChirurgIn (E) When he's done studying medicine, he wants to become a surgeon.
flu (E) Grippe (E) He was sick with flu several times last year.
sore throat (M) Halsweh (M) If you drink too many cold drinks, you'll get a sore throat.
thorough gründlich, sorgfältig I did a thorough search on the Internet and now I know everything about him.
tablet (D) Tablette (D) Her doctor have her some sleeping tablets to help her sleep better.
ageing (E) alternd (E) Dad's really starting to show signs of ageing.
harmoniously harmonisch Our neighbors all live together harmoniously.
healer (E) HeilerIn (E) Corbin has tried everything but nothing's worked; now he wants to see a healer.
pass down (E) überliefern, weiterreichen (E) My older brother always passed down his clothes to me.
potentially möglicherweise He could potentially become our most valuable player.
prevent verhindern The driver stopped the train in time to prevent a serious accident.
treat (E) behandeln (E) Which doctor is treating you now?
envy (E) Neid (E) When I saw my neighbor's new car, I was filled with envy.
jealous (E) eifersüchtig (E) When she danced with me, her boyfriend got very jealous.
absent-minded (E) geistesabwesend, unaufmerksam (E) Janie was so absent-minded she sent the message to Jake instead of James.
homesick (E) Heimweh (E) When you travel for a long time, you start to become homesick.
inattentive unaufmerksam Lara was inattentive and drove past the exit.
nostalgic (E) nostalgisch, wehmütig (E) My mum always becomes nostalgic when she sees her childhood friend.
over-anxious (E) überaus ängstlich (E) It's okay to feel a bit worried about the exam but don't get over-anxious.
envious (E) neidisch (E) It's not good to be envious of what other people have.
clarification Aufklärung No, I can't sign the contract yet. It needs further clarification.
behavior (E) Verhalten (E) Do you really think his behavior is normal for a teenager?
digest verdauen I'm so full from lunch, my stomach is still digesting that pizza.
draw conclusions Schlussfolgerungen ziehen There were eight people on a boat that fits four. Draw your own conclusions as to why it sunk.
fend for oneself sich alleine durchschlagen Baby crocodiles have to fend for themselves right after they are born.
health conscious (E) gesundheitsbewusst (E) Xavier is very fit and only eats healthy food; he's pretty health conscious.
observe (E) beobachten (E) On our safari we were able to observe wild animals in their natural habitat.
sharpen spitzen This pencil doesn't write well, it needs to be sharpened.
wear off (E) nachlassen (E) You drank four energy drinks? It'll take a while for that rush to wear off.
imply andeuten Are you trying to imply that Sandra took the money?
reading matter (M) Lesestoff, Lektüre (M) There's no good reading matter in the library any more, just reference books.
basil (E) Basilikum (E) Basil is my favorite herb.
chiropractor (E) ChiropraktikerIn (E) My back hurts, I need to go to a chiropractor.
first and foremost in erster Linie First and foremost, you should get some exercise.
for sure gewiss, sicher I know for sure that I won't be able to go on holiday this year.
uneasy unsicher, unruhig I felt uneasy talking to her because I knew she was angry.
uptight (M) nervös, aufgeregt (M) She was so uptight about the test that she hardly slept the night before.
mint (E) Minze (E) The mint in this summer drink makes it taste really fresh.
prescribe verschreiben Her doctor prescribed some strong painkillers.
prescription drug (E) verschreibungspflichtiges Medikament (E) My doctor gave me that prescription drug for my headaches.
responsible verantwortlich I'm not responsible for what happened. It's not my fault.
scroll Schriftrolle They found old scrolls in the cave.
seek (M) suchen (M) During the war in Eritrea, lots of people came to seek asylum in Britain.
synthesize (E) künstlich herstellen (E) Synthesized drugs are really bad for your nervous system.
trial and error praktisches Herumprobieren Really the only way to find out if you're good at this is trial and error.
over the moon (D) überglücklich sein (D) I was over the moon when I won the race.
on the top of the world (D) überglücklich sein (D) They were on top of the world when they got the good news.
irritable gereizt, reizbar Be careful when you talk to him - he's very irritable today.
in high spirits ausgelassen sein, in bester Stimmung sein Everybody at the party was in high spirits.
(feel) down (M) sich niedergeschlagen fühlen (M) He is feeling down because his girlfriend left him.
satisfy befriedigen That burger didn't satisfy my appetite - I need a shake, too.
revitalise (E) neu beleben (E) Practising with my brother has really revitalized my drumming skills.
to kill two birds with one stone (D) zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen (D)
fast (on) (E) fasten (E) I've been fasting on nothing but water for a week. I'm not even hungry any more.
encouragement Ermutigung Don't be so negative. What she needs at the moment is encouragement.
adopt (E) annehmen (E) We could adopt his idea and see if it works out better.
anxiety disorder (E) Angststörung (E) She's really afraid of being embarrassed. Her anxiety disorder makes her stay home a lot.
dependent (E) abhängig (E) Those twins are really dependent on each other - they do everything together!
effectiveness Wirksamkeit I'm not sure about the effectiveness of this medicine.
generalize verallgemeinern You can't say that about everyone, you're generalizing.
heartbeat (D) Herzschlag (D) I could feel his heartbeat so I knew he wasn't dead.
implant (E) Implantat (E) Some people say in the future we'll all have a computer chip implant.
incapable (E) unfähig (E) I'm incapable of walking past the pizza place without going in and eating one.
indigestion (M) Magenverstimmung (M) I think I ate the wrong thing yesterday, I have terrible indigestion this morning.
insomnia (E) Schlaflosigkeit (E) I haven't been sleeping well. The doctor says it's insomnia because of stress.
jaw (D) Kiefer (D) Biting into that hard, dry bread really hurt my jaw.
resemble (E) ähneln (E) Alyssa and Andrea are sisters? Really? They don't resemble each other at all.
restlessness (E) Ruhelosigkeit (E) My restlessness at night keeps me from falling asleep.
side effect Nebenwirkung He didn't want to take the medicine because of the negative side effects.
sweat (M) schwitzen (M) It was so hot in the classroom that everybody was sweating.
acknowledge anerkennen I acknowledge all your hard work in the past.
misery Kummer After her dog died, she felt like she would drown in misery. also: wallow in her/his misery.
lack of (E) Mangel an (E) The lack of goals made the game really uninteresting.
failure (E) Misserfolg, Versagen (E) She doesn't know what she wants because of fear of failure.
factual sachlich We need a factual report, sir, not something from your imagination.
miracle (E) Wunder (E) Thanks for those last-minute tickets, you're a miracle worker!
synopsis (E) Zusammenfassung, Übersicht (E) I didn't have time to read the book so I just read the synopsis online.
analysis Analyse According to Jennifer's analysis, we need more money for this project.
evaluate bewerten, evaluieren My sister's teacher really doesn't know how to evaluate her students.
relocation (M) Standortwechseln (M) The relocation of our school took longer than we thought.
duplicate vervielfältigen You can duplicate the photo on your computer and then edit it.
get rid of beseitigen, abschaffen I need to get rid of all my shoes.
laboratory (E) Labor (E) Scientists do experiments in a laboratory.
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