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Tables Sensible, clear headings Units in the heading only Border lines drawn with a ruler An average column (if appropriate)
Graphs Labels on both axes with units included (independent variable on X axis, dependent variable on Y axis) A title which includes words from each of the axis labels Sensible and even scale on each axis Points plotted in pencil A key if more than one line is plotted Different style of plotting points if more than one line is plotted Plotted points are joined (Do not extend to 0,0)
Line Graphs should be used... When the data you are plotting reflects a continuous variation
Line of best fit should be used... if your graph is demonstrating a mathematical relationship
Column graphs should be used... When the data you are graphing occurs in discrete groups.
Biological Diagrams • Be in pencil • Be large • Show no sketching/shading/colouring in • Have a title • Have a scale or magnification • Label lines must touch structures being labelled • Label lines should not be arrows 33df8868-bbf9-47cd-8acc-117aceae2c36.png (image/png)
Flow Charts A flow chart is usually used to show the steps in a biological process. A flow chart is a series of text boxes joined by arrows. The text boxes are not usually numbered. They may be arranged vertically or horizontally down a page.
Advantages of Using models in science A model can enable you to visualise a process or structure which is too small or too large to be seen. E.g a model of a knee joint, a model lung to show how air is inhaled and exhaled. Models can be scaled up – a model of an atom, or scaled down – a model of a satellite A model can simplify a complex structure or process to increase our understanding.
Disadvantages of using models in science Models are often in 2D whereas the actual structure is in 3D. Models are often not moving and the actual structure is moving. Models may oversimplify a process or structure which limits a deeper understanding of that concept. Models can only be as accurate as current scientific knowledge and are constantly changing based on new theories. E.g the model of the solar system and atom have changed throughout time.
Identify Recognise and name
Define State meaning and identify essential qualities
Outline Indicate the main features of.
Describe Provide characteristics and features
Compare Show how things are similar and different
Explain Relate cause and effect; make the relationships between things evident; provide why/or how
Discuss Identify issues and provide points for and/or against
Justify Support an argument or conclusion
Assess Make a judgement of value, quality, outcomes, results or size
Evaluate Make a judgement based on criteria; determine the value of
Keys to success 5dc1dd64-322c-49e8-af5d-92ae79280c63.jpg (image/jpg) Practice Highlight the verb in the question. Look at past papers Learn from mistakes
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