Latin Easily Confused Words

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Easily confused words in Latin

Oliver Hall
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Question Answer
Absum I am away
Adsum I am here
Alter Other
Altus High/deep
Audeo I Dare
Audio I hear/Listen
Cannis Dog
Cena Dinner
Cupio I Want
Cogito I Think
Cognosco I get to know
Descendo I Go Down
Discedo I Leave
Dominus Master
Domus Home
Forte By Chance
Fortis Brave
Habeo I Have
Habito I Live In
Iaceo I Lie Down
Iacio I Throw
Iter Journey
Iterum Again
Liber Book
Liberi Children
Libero Free
Maneo I Stay
Moneo I Warn
Porta Gate
Porto I Carry
Portus Port
Reddo I Give Back/Return
Redeo I Go back
Rideo I Smile
Saepe Often
Semper Always
Soleo I Am Accustomed
Solus, Sola, Solum Alone
Trado I Hand Over/Trade
Traho I Drag
Vici I Conquered
Vixi I lived
Tamen However
Tandem At Last