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Emma Boxley
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GCSE Latin Note on Stages 1-4, created by Emma Boxley on 05/07/2013.

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Emma Boxley
Created by Emma Boxley almost 6 years ago
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Stage 1 canis dog coquus cook filius son hortus garden mater mother pater father servus slave via street  est is laborat works sedet sits in in

Stage 2   amicus           friend ancilla            slave-girl cena               dinner cibus              food dominus        master mercator         merchant   dormit             sleeps intrat               enters laudat             praises salutat            greets   laetus             happy quoque          also

Stage 3   ianua              door leo                   Iion navis              ship taberna          shop, inn vinum             wine   bibit                 drinks circumspectat looks round clamat            shouts exit                  goes out exspectat       waits for portat              carries respondet      replies ridet                laughs,                         smiles

surgit gets up, risesvidet sees salve! hello! iratus angrymagnus big ad toet andnon notecce! look!

Stage 4   anulus           ring iudex              judge mendax          liar pecunia         money poeta              poet signum           sign, seal  agit                  does coquit                         cooks habet              has inquit              says quaerit            looks for reddit              gives back vocat               calls  perterritus      scared  satis                enough sed                  but tu                     you cur?                why? e                      from, out of eheu!              oh dear! quis?              who?

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