Nisus and Euryalus Translation Lines 176-196

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Nisus erat portae custos, acerrimus armis, Hyrtacides, comitem Aeneae quem miserat Ida venatrix iaculo celerem leuibusque sagittis et iuxta comes Euryalus, quo pulchrior alter... Nisus, the son of Hyrtacus, was the guard of the gate whom the huntress Ida had sent as a companion for Aeneas, swift with the javelin and light arrows, and next to him was his companion Euryalus, than whom there was no one more handsome...
...non fuit Aeneadum Troiana neque induit arma, ora puer primer signans intonsa iuuenta. his armor unus erat pariterque in bella ruebant tum quoque communi portam statione tenebant. Nisus ait: "dine hunc adorem mentibus addunt.... ...from the followers of Aeneas, nor did put on armour, a boy marking his unshaven face with the early signs of youth. One love was theirs and they used to charge into war side by side. Then too they were guarding the gate on shared duty, Nisus said, "Are the gods adding this passion into our minds...
...Euryale, an sua cuique deus fit dira cupido? aut pugnum aut aliquid iamdudum inuadere magnum, mens agitat mihi, mec placida contenta quiete est. cernis quae Rutulos habeat fiducia rerum: lumina rara micant, somno vinoque soluti... ...Euryalus, or does his own terble desire become each man's god? ...Already for some time my mind has been planning either to plunge into a fight or something great, and it is not satisfied with peaceful quiet. You see what trust of their situation grips the Rutulians: the scattered lights flicker, dissolved by sleep and wine...
...procubere, silent late loca. percipe porro quid dubitem et quae nunc amino sentia surgat. Aenean accri omnes, populusque patresque, exposunt mittique viros qui certa reortent. si tibi quae posco promittunt (nam mihi facti fama sat est), tumulo videor reprire sub illo posse viam ad muros et moenia Pallantea." ...they have collapsed , the place is silent far and wide. Perceive furthermore what I am thinking about and what plan is forming in my mind. Everyone, both the people and the elders, is demanding that Aeneas be summoned and messengers be sent to report back some hard facts. If they promise you what I ask (for the glory of the deed, is enough for me) I think I can find a way at the foot of that hill to the walls and city of Pallenteum
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