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These flashcards have the most important concepts in relation to the readings of: "State-of-the-Art Article Materials development for language learning and teaching" and Language Teaching Materials and the (Very) Big Picture.
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Dr. Brian Tomlinson "Dr. Brian Tomlinson is considered to be one of the world's leading experts on materials development for language learning. In 1993 he established the world's first MA dedicated to the study of materials development for language learning."
Materials Devolpment (MD) Refers to all the process made, use of by practitioners who produce and or use materials for language learning.
Materials Adaptation: Exploitation of existing materials
Humanising Materials Enrich learning throught: -Senses -Emotions -Imagination
Ideology on Materials "Ideology is encoded within the practices of schooling texts" - Michael Apple (2004,2013) "The material is related to socioeconomic norms"
Communicative Language Teaching Learners have their own unique ways of approaching language study. User mattered, not rules
Behaviourism language Teaching english directly constant repetition to produce patterns. - Listen and Repeat - Dialogue Repetition - Matching and filling the blanks
Mc.Donaldlization Related to society: Society is more scripted, and predictable Related to language: Predictable sequences of language presentation. Learners are routinized
Neo-liberalism Neoliberalism is focused on increasing the divisions between rich and poor. The influence of this phenomenon is evident in the teaching of English with language certifications
Britain and North America are the sources of much innovation in ELT (English Language Teaching) methodologies. Ferguson (2003) mentioned the Angloglobalisation concept to establish the relation between the materials and the ideologies those contries
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