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Transcendent Beyond time and space
Immanent Close to us
Monotheistic Belief in one God
Holy Trinity The three different aspects of God's relationship with humanity
Cosmological Argument God was the first cause of the creation of the earth
Teleological Argument The earth must have a designer, namely God.
Creationists Belief in the literal meaning of the creation account in Genesis
Stewardship Taking responsibility for the welfare of the earth.
Purgatory In Roman Catholic teaching: a state of death for people who are not completely ready to go straight to heaven.
Moral Evil Wrong caused by human wickedness
Parable Story told by Jesus to illustrate a moral or religious message.
Liberation Theology Belief that Christians should fight against injustice on behalf of the weak.
Hospice A place where terminally ill people can go for nursing and palliative care.
Euthanasia Mercy killing, the deliberate ending of a life.
Sacrament A symbolic way of acknowledging God's grace; a sign of something holy and special done by God.
Agape The Christian concept of unconditional love
Just war theory The conditions necessary for it to be right to go to war.
Gospels The four books in the New Testament telling the story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
Apostles' Creed A statement of Christian beliefs
Pacifist A person who believe that violence is never justified.
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