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resolve (v.) 1. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something) 2. to separate into constituent or elementary parts; break up; cause or disintegrate (usually followed by into ). 3. to convert or transform by any process (often used reflexively).
Vociferous Vehement or clamorous (esp. of a person or speech); showing strong feeling
Garrulous Talkative
Effusive Expressing feelings in an unrestrained manner
Frugal Economical with food/living
Taciturn Reserved or uncommunicative in speech
Miserly Spending as little money as possible (esp. sb who hoards wealth)
Reticent Not revealing one’s thoughts readily
Munificent Very generous.
Risqué Slightly indecent or liable to shock (esp. in a sexual way)
Elusive Difficult to find/catch/achieve
Bolster Support/ strengthen
Dispel To make something disappear
Vacillation To alternate between different options; indecisive
Extraneous Irrelevant or unrelated to the subject being dealt with
Suspend 1. to come to a stop, usually temporarily; cease from operation for a time. 2. to defer or postpone 3. to hold or keep undetermined; refrain from forming or concluding definitely
Sporadic Occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places
Superfluous Unnecessary (esp. when more than enough)
Incontrovertible Not able to be denied or disputed
Impervious 1. not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable: The coat is impervious to rain. 2.incapable of being injured or impaired: impervious to wear and tear. 3.incapable of being influenced, persuaded, or affected:
Doctrine A set of beliefs held and taught by a church/political party or other group
Demeaning Causing a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for
Underscore Underline
Captivating Charming/attracting and hold the interest and attention of
Doggedness Tenacity and grim persistence
Idyllic Extremely happy
Mercenary Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics
Impartial To be fair and just
Impulsive To act or be done without forethought
Eclectic Deriving ideas from a diverse/ broad range
Resolute Admirably determined; purposeful
Invidious Likely to arouse/ incur fear/ resentment
Wary Feeling/showing caution about possible dangers or problems
Dogmatic Inclined to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true
Hail Call out to sb to attract attention
Unprecedented Never known
Annul To declare invalid
Turmoil Uncertainty
Leery Cautious
Stymie Prevent or hinder the progress of
Clandestine Secretively
Sanguine Cheerfully optimistic
Intransigence Unwillingness to change one’s view
Disgruntled Dissatisfied
Autonomous Acting independently
Spurious False/fake
Dogmatism Aiming to impose a doctrine in all circumstances
Assertion Confident/ forceful belief/ fact
Fabricate To invent/ concoct sth with deceitful intent
Insipid Lacking qualities that excite, stimulate, or interest; dull.
Conscientious Wishing to do what is right
Nemesis A source of harm or ruin
Poignant Profoundly moving; touching; physically painful; keenly distressing the mind
Profound penetrating or entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge; having deep insight or understanding
Pervasive spread throughout
Receptive Capable of or qualified for receiving.
Amiable Friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likable
Magnanimous Courageously noble in mind and heart; generous in forgiving
Instigate to urge, provoke, or incite to some action or course
Polarity The possession or manifestation of two opposing attributes, tendencies, or principles
Minimalism A school of abstract painting and sculpture that emphasizes extreme simplification of form (basic shapes, primary colors…etc.)
Harbinger One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come
Aesthete One who cultivates an unusually high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature
Vestige A visible trace, evidence, or sign of something that once existed but exists or appears no more.
Indolent Disinclined to exert oneself; habitually lazy; conducive to inactivity
Proponent One who argues in support of something; an advocate
Indignation Anger aroused by something unjust, mean, or unworthy.
Advocate (v.)to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: (n.)a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.
Exalt To raise in rank, character, or status; elevate; to intensify/ honor
Upbraid To reprove sharply; reproach
Reproach (v.) to find fault with (a person, group, etc.); blame; censure. (n.) blame or censure conveyed in disapproval disgrace, discredit, or blame incurred:
Sketchy Lacking in substance or completeness; incomplete
Insolent Presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech; arrogant; Audaciously rude or disrespectful; impertinent
Vilify to make vicious and defamatory statements about
Exonerate To free from blame/ responsibility/ obligation
Dichotomous Divided or dividing into two parts or classifications
Pristine Remaining in a pure state; uncorrupted by civilization
Castigate To inflict severe punishment on; to criticize severely
Fortuitous Happening by accident or chance
Condone To overlook, forgive, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure
Assiduous Constant in application or attention; diligent; persistent
97. Prolepsis (proleptic adj.) Rhetoric . the anticipation of possible objections in order to answer them in advance. The anachronistic representation of something as existing before its proper or historical time
Heed Close attention; notice (n); to pay attention to; listen to and consider(v)
Redact (v.) To make ready for publication; edit or revise.
Expeditious Acting or done with speed and efficiency
Prefatory Of, relating to, or constituting a preface; introductory
Orthography The aspect of language study concerned with letters and their sequences in words.
Hideous horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive shocking or revolting to the moral sense:
Ostentatious characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others; intended to attract attention
Bristle A stiff hairlike structure (n);
Altruism Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness
Concur To be of the same opinion; agree: to act together/ cooperate
Lament To express grief for or about; to regret deeply
Concord agreement between persons, groups, nations, etc.; concurrence in attitudes, feelings, etc.; unanimity; accord agreement between things; mutual fitness; harmony.
Squabble To engage in a disagreeable argument, usually over a trivial matter; wrangle
Advent (n.) The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important
Belittle to represent or speak of as contemptibly small or unimportant; disparage
Usher To lead or conduct (v); to precede and introduce
bicker To engage in a petty, bad-tempered quarrel; squabble
Orgasm intense or unrestrained excitement. an instance or occurrence of such excitement.
Complacent Contented to a fault; pleased, self-satisfied and unconcerned(adj); eager to please, complaisant
Trifle (n.) Trivial (adj.) Something of little importance or value
Laud To give praise to; glorify (v)
Vacate To cease to occupy or hold; give up.
Protean Readily taking on varied shapes, forms, or meanings; exhibiting considerable variety or diversity (adj)
Endorse to give approval of or support to, especially by public statement; sanction; to sign sth to indicate approval of its contents or terms
Clairvoyance The supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses; Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness
Symbiosis A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence
Harry To disturb or distress by or as if by repeated attacks; harass (v); to raid, as in war; sack or pillage.
Dignitary A person of high rank or position
Figment Something invented, made up, or fabricated
Malevolent Having or exhibiting ill will; wishing harm to others; malicious; harmful influence
Inclination A tendency toward a certain condition or character; A characteristic disposition to do, prefer, or favor one thing rather than another; a propensity
Punctilious Strictly attentive to minute details of form in action or conduct (adj); precise, scrupulous
Scrupulous 1. having scruples; having or showing a strict regard for what one considers right; principled. 2. punctiliously or minutely careful, precise, or exact
Succumb To fail to resist
Consternation A state of paralyzing dismay
Entice to lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure; inveigle
Entitle to give (a person or thing) a title, right, or claim to something; furnish with grounds for laying claim
Paranoia 1. a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission. 2.baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.
Predilection A partiality or disposition in favor of something; a preference
Perspicacity Acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding.
Prejudicial Detrimental; injurious; Causing or tending to preconceived judgment or convictions
Serene Unaffected by disturbance; calm and unruffled; Used as a title and form of address for certain members of royalty
Demented crazy; insane; mad.
Susceptible Easily influenced or affected; permitting an action to be performed; capable of undergoing
Redoubtable Arousing fear or awe; formidable; worthy of respect or honor
Cajole To persuade by flattery, gentle pleading, or insincere language (v)
Impetuous Characterized by sudden and forceful energy or emotion; impulsive and passionate
Blandishment Flattery intended to coax or cajole
Extol To praise highly; exalt.
Amenable Responsive to advice, authority, or suggestion; willing; susceptible or open, as to testing or criticism
Disparage To speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; belittle; to reduce in esteem
Lure To attract by wiles or temptation; entice (v); An attraction or appeal (n)
Unctuous Characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness; containing or composed of oil or fat
Lucid 1. readily understood; clear 2.shining or glowing 3.of or relating to a period of normality between periods of insane or irresponsible behaviour
Perplex To confuse or trouble with uncertainty or doubt; to make confusedly intricate; complicate
Disconsolate Seeming beyond consolation; extremely dejected; cheerless; gloomy
Console to alleviate or lessen the grief, sorrow, or disappointment of; give solace or comfort:
Onus A difficult or disagreeable responsibility or necessity; a burden or obligation
Ebullient Zestfully enthusiastic; boiling or seeming to boil
Hassle 1. a disorderly dispute. 2.a problem brought about by pressures of time, money, inconvenience,
Inscrutable Difficult to fathom or understand; impenetrable.
1. Expedient Based on or marked by a concern for self-interest rather than principle; appropriate to purpose (adj); something contrived or used to meet an urgent need(n)
Subsidiary Serving to assist or supplement; auxiliary (adj)
Immutable Not subject or susceptible to change
tangential Only superficially relevant; divergent
Expository Intended to explain pr describe sth.
Imply Strongly suggest the truth or existence of sth, that is not expressively stated
Infer Deduce or conclude from evidence and reasoning rather than explicit statements.
Frivolous Unworthy of serious attention; trivial; inappropriately silly
Incur Become subject to (sth unwelcome or unpleasant) as a result of one’s own behavior or actions
Lyricism The character or quality of subjectivity and sensuality of expression, especially in the arts
Trite Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition; hackneyed (adj)
Corroborate To strengthen or support with other evidence; make more certain
Lax Lacking in rigor, strictness, or firmness
Self-effacing Not claiming attention for oneself; retiring and modest
Audacious Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks
Impudent of, pertaining to, or characterized by impertinence or effrontery; bravely immodest
Impertinent intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions; insolently rude; uncivil; irrelevant
Precedent An earlier event or action regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances (n)
Preempt (v.) To take action in order to prevent an anticipated event from happening; forestall
Disseminate To become diffused; spread.
Disparate Fundamentally distinct or different in kind; entirely dissimilar
Ambivalent Having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about sth or sb.
Auspicious Conductive to success; favourable.
Vanguard Group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas
Foster To encourage or promote the development of sth (esp. regarded as good)
Imprudent Not showing care for the consequences of an action; rash
rrevocable Not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final.
Meritocracy Government of the holding of power by people selected on the basis of their ability.
Escapade An act or incident involving excitement, daring or adventure
Premonition A strong feeling that sth is about to happen
Ominous Giving the impression that sth bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious
Dissent Hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially expressed
Tenable Able to be maintained or defended against attack pr objection
Demolish Pull or knock down; comprehensively refute
Envision Imagine as a future possibility; visualize
Preclude Prevent from happening; make impossible
Paramount More important than anything else; supreme
Yearn Have an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for sth.
Parch Make or become dry through intense heat
Embroil Involve sb deeply in an argument, conflict or difficult situation
Quench Satisfy a desire; extinguish a fire
Dire Extremely serious or urgent (situation or event) causing or involving great fear or suffering; dreadful; terrible
Affinity A spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for sb or sth
Avert Turn away; prevent or ward off
Salutary Producing good effects; beneficial
Placate To make sb less hostile or angry
Conciliatory Intended or likely to placate or pacify
Exacerbate Make sth worse
Pacify Quell the anger, agitation, or excitement of
Vanquish Defeat thoroughly
Perverse Directed away from what is right or good; obstinately persisting in an error or fault; wrongly self-willed or stubborn
Zenith The highest point reached by a celestial or other object
Paradigm Typical example or pattern of sth; a model
Obstinate firmly or stubbornly adhering to one's purpose, opinion; not easily controlled or overcome
Ludicrous So foolish, unreasonable or out of place as to be amusing
Fiasco A thing that is a complete failure
Inception The establishment or starting point of an institution or activity
Periphery The outer limits or edge of an area or object
Denote Indicate; be a sign of
Obliterate Destroy utterly; wipe out
Benevolent Well meaning and kindly; serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose
Epitome A representative or perfect example of a class or type
Depravity Moral corruption
Expatriate A person who lives outside their native country
Kudos Praise and honor received for an achievement
Wayward Difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior
Exemplary Serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind
Indictment A charge or accusation of a serious crime
Trample Tread on and crush
Espionage The practice of spying or of using spies, typically by governments to obtain political and military information
Contemplation Deep reflective thought
Consummate Complete sth; to make perfect
Ballot A process of voting, in writing and typically in secret
Void A completely empty space (n), ineffectual (adj)
Arduous Involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring
Strenuous characterized by vigorous exertion, as action, efforts, life
zealous ardently active, devoted, or diligent
fervor great warmth and earnestness of feeling; intense heat
ardor intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm; zeal
Endeavour to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive; to attempt to achieve or gain
Dignified Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect
Futile Incapable of producing any useful result; pointless
Maneuver a planned and regulated movement or evolution of troops, warships; an adroit move, skillful proceeding
Surly Bad-tempered and unfriendly.
Cynical Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity of integrity
Intrusive Making an unwelcomed manifestation with disruptive or adverse effect
Manifest (adj.) readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain (v.) to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; to prove
Adverse Preventing success or development; harmful.
folly the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense a foolish action, practice, idea
intricate complicated/detailed
candid straight-foward; rank; outspoken; open and sincere
convulated extremely complex or hard to follow
capricious subject to, led by, or indicative of a sudden, odd notion or unpredictable change; erratic
bombastic (of speec, writing)high-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious; high-speaking without much meaning
whim sudden desire or change of mind
loquacious talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous
decorous polite and restrained; characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character
visceral characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect
streamlined with little resistance
infighting hidden conflict or competitiveness within an organization
mitigate to lessen in force or intensity, to make less severe
jingoism extreme patriotism
ossify to convert into or cause to harden like bone; to become rigid or inflexible in habits, attitudes, opinions
stratagem 1. a plan, scheme, or trick for surprising or deceiving an enemy. 2.any artifice, ruse, or trick devised or used to attain a goal or to gain an advantage over an adversary or competitor
venerable commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity; impressive or interesting because of age, antique appearance
prudence ability to govern and discipline oneself
aloofness the quality or state of being distant, cold, or uninterested; an appearance of being above the fray; indifference
pundit 1. a learned person, expert, or authority. 2.a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator.
derail to cause to fail or become deflected from a purpose; reduce or delay the chances for success or development of
dictum an authoritative pronouncement; judicial assertion.
respite 1. a delay or cessation for a time, especially of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief 2.temporary suspension of the execution of a person condemned to death; reprieve.
antagonize 1. to make hostile or unfriendly act in opposition to; oppose.
equivocate to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or in order to mislead; prevaricate or hedge
denounce to condemn or censure openly or publicly; to make a formal accusation against, as to the police or in a court; to formally deny or terminate
censure strong or vehement expression of disapproval
reprimand a severe reproof or rebuke, especially a formal one by a person in authority
rousing exciting, exceptional, rigorous
pedestrian (n.) someone travelling on foot (adj.) lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.; commonplace; prosaic or dull
derivative not original, secondary
inept without skill or aptitude for a particular task or assignment; maladroit; inappropriate
viable capable of living; practicable; workable
haughty disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant; supercilious
jubilant showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant
supercilious haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial expression.
pugnacious inclined to quarrel or fight readily; quarrelsome; belligerent; combative.
billigerence 1. a warlike or aggressively hostile nature, condition, or attitude. act of carrying on war; warfare.
indigence eriously impoverished condition; poverty.
impoverished 1. reduced to poverty. 2.having few trees, flowers, birds, wild animals 3.deprived of strength, vitality, creativeness, etc
perfidy deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery
aspersion a damaging or derogatory remark or criticism; slander; the act of sprinkling, as in baptism.
apparition 1. a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a specter or phantom; wraith 2.anything that appears, especially something remarkable or startling:
peculiar uncommon; unusual
eccentric deviating from the recognized or customary character, practice, etc.; irregular; erratic; peculiar; odd
concede to acknowledge as true, just, or proper; admit; to grant as a right or privilege; yield
dilemma a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives; any difficult or perplexing situation or problem.
retrospect contemplation of the past; a survey of past time, events
evasion an act or instance of escaping, avoiding, or shirking something; the avoiding of an argument, accusation, question, or the like, as by a subterfuge
subterfuge an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something,
obtrude to thrust (something) forward or upon a person, especially without warrant or invitation
sparse thinly scattered or distributed
setback reverse or defeat on progress
truce a suspension of hostilities for a specified period of time by mutual agreement of the warring parties; cease-fire; armistice; temporary escape from pain
credence belief as to the truth of something
refutable to prove (sth. or sb.) to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge
disrepute bad repute, low regard, disfavour
dubious doubtful; marked by or occasioning doubt; of uncertain outcome
inconclusive not resolving fully all doubts or questions; no final result or outcome
currency 1. something that is used as a medium of exchange; money. 2.general acceptance; prevalence; vogue. 3.a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated. 4.the fact or quality of being widely accepted and circulated from person to person.
palpable readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident; tangible
diaphanous very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent.
variegate 1. to make varied in appearance, as by adding different colors. give variety to; diversify.
anomalous incongruous or inconsistent; not fitting into common or familiar type, classification, or pattern; unusual
disdain 1. to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn. 2. to think unworthy of notice, response
egalitarian asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life.
egalitarian asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, especially in political, economic, or social life.
dowager an elderly woman of stately dignity, especially one of elevated social position; a woman holding who holds some title or property from her deceased husband, especially the widow of a king, duke
dilettante a person who takes up an art, activity, or subject merely for amusement, especially in a desultory or superficial way; dabbler.
iconoclast 1. a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc., as being based on error or superstition. 2.a breaker or destroyer of images, especially those set up for religious veneration.
purveyor a person who purveys, provides, or supplies
reconcile 1. to cause (a person) to accept or be resigned to something not desired win over to friendliness; cause to become amicable compose or settle bring into agreement or harmony;
reckless utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless
spellbind to hold or bind by or as if by a spell; enchant; entrance; fascinate.
befall to happen to, especially by chance or fate.
boomerang 1. a bent or curved piece of tough wood used by the Australian Aborigines as a throwing club, one form of which can be thrown so as to return to the thrower. 2.something, as a scheme or argument, that does injury to the originator.
backfire to bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expected
prevail be widespread or current; exist everywhere or generally appear or occur as the more important or frequent feature or element; predominate be or prove superior in strength, power, or influence (usually followed by over ) 4. to use persuasion or inducement successfully
up·hol·ster·y the materials used to cushion and cover furniture.
reciprocate to give in return; interchange; to alternate forward and backward
esoteric understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite; private, secret, confidential
recondite 1. requiring special knowledge to be understood; abstruse 2. dealing with abstruse or profound subjects
abstruse hard to understand
tenable able to be maintained/defended
digress to deviate or wander away from the main topic or purpose in speaking or writing; depart from the principal line of argument, plot, study
mischievous 1. maliciously or playfully annoying. 2.causing annoyance, harm, or trouble.
miscellaneous 1. consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character 2. having various aspects, qualities, or subjects
substantiate to establish by proof or competent evidence
impugn to challenge as false (another's statements, motives, etc.); cast doubt upon
mollify 1. to soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease. mitigate or reduce; soften
jettison to throw off (something) as an obstacle or burden; discard.
flotsam 1. the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water. 2. useless or unimportant items; odds and ends.
reconnoiter to inspect, observe, or survey
decimate 1. to destroy a great number or proportion of 2. to select by lot and kill every tenth person of
raiment clothing; apparel; attire.
sustenance means of sustaining life; nourishment; state of being sustained
disposition inherent qualities of mind and character
irascible easily made angry
cantankerous bad-tempered; argumentative
churlish boorish; rude; difficult to work or deal with; peasantlike
outlook 1. mental attitude or view; point of view 2. prospect of the future
laconic using few words; expressing much in few words; concise
mercurial 1. changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic 2. animated; lively; sprightly; quick-witted.
erratic having no certain or definite course; wandering; not fixed; deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion
quaint 1. strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way 2. having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm 3. skillfully or cleverly made
ingenuous free from reserve, restraint, or dissimulation; candid; sincere; artless, naive, innocent
phlegmatic 1. not easily excited to action or display of emotion; apathetic; sluggish 2. self-possessed, calm, or composed
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