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Some SAT Prep Vocab for you to try.

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Brevity Noun Briefness or conciseness in speech or writing "For the sake of brevity, choose your words with care."
Concise Adjective Using Few words in speaking or writing. "A concise explanation is preferable to a long-winded one."
Laconic Adjective Using few words in speech "Ms. Allen's laconic explanation consisted of a single word: pepperoni."
Pithy Adjective Brief and full of meaning and substance; concise "Jonathan's sonnet ended with a pithy rhyming couplet."
Quiescent Adjective Quiet; still; inactive "Mount St. Helen's has been quiescent since it's last eruption in 1986."
Reticent Adjective Not talking much; reserved "Usually reticent, Ms. Worthy surprised us all with a long story at lunch."
Succinct Adjective Clearly and briefly stated; concise "Let me state this as succinctly as I can: "No late papers."
Taciturn Adjective Silent; sparing of words; close-mouthed "Next to me on the bus sat a taciturn girl who said nothing during the four-hour ride."
Terse Adjective Using only the words that are needed to make the point; very concise, sometimes to the point of rudeness. "The principal's terse reply was clear: "No dogs at school."
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