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this flashcard help you to define several terms related to microbial interaction topic.

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MICROBIAL INTERACTION SYMBIOSIS association of two or more different species of organisms.
Ectosymbiont organism located on surface of another organism
Endosymbiont   organism located within another organism
Symbiont physical contact between dissimilar organisms of similar size  
Consortium   hosts that have more than one associated symbiont  
Microorganism-­Insect Mutualism -endosymbiotic microbe provides needed vitamins and amino acids   -insect host provides secure habitat and nutrients.  
Protozoan-­Termite Relationship -termite provides food for protozoan -protozoan digests cellulose in wood particles, providing nutrients for termite  
Cooperation -along with commensalism is a positive, but not obligate, form of symbiosis which involves syntrophic relationships -benefits both organisms in relationship
Syntrophism •  type of commensalism -growth of one organism depends on growth factors, nutrients, or substrate provided by another organism growing nearby.  
Commensalism -one organism benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped  
Examples of Commensalism Microbial succession during spoilage of milk -fermentative bacteria produce acids that promote growth of acid tolerant species.  
Predation -among microbes involves a predator species that attacks, usually killing its prey
Microbial Predators Bdellovibrio penetrates cell wall, grows outside plasma membrane.  
Parasitism one organism gains (parasite) and the other is harmed (host)
Genomic Reduction • outcome of long-­term parasitic relationship -parasite loses unused genomic information  
Ammensalism negatives impact of one organism on another based on release of a specific compound
Competition occurs when two organisms try to acquire or use the same resource
Two Possible Outcomes of Competition • one organism dominates – competitive exclusion principal • two organisms share the resource – both survive at lower population levels  
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