Food Technology - KEY TERMS

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Key terms for GCSE Food Technology

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Coagulate To change into a MORE SOLID state E.g. eggs when they become white and solid once heated
Danger Zone This is the range in temperatures (5°C - 63°C) in which BACTERIA MULTIPLY VERY QUICKLY
Emulsion A mixture of OILY and WATERY LIQUIDS E.g. salad cream, mayonnaise, salad dressing
Caramelisation This is when sugar 'cooks' and changes to a BROWN LIQUID when heated
Contaminate To make something dirty and UNHYGIENIC E.g. a fly could contaminate soup
High-Risk Food A food in which BACTERIA can MULTIPLY QUICKLY
Gluten This is the PROTEIN found in FLOUR that makes dough STRETCHY
CAM Computer Aided Manufacture Efficiently controls and monitors PRODUCTION using computers
CAD Computer Aided Design Helps to CREATE, MODIFY & COMMUNICATE information efficiently
Batch Production This involves producing a CERTAIN NUMBER OF A PRODUCT in ONE GO
Food Miles The DISTANCE A PRODUCT TRAVELS from where it is produced to where it is sold
Fermentation This is the process of YEAST BREAKING DOWN into SUGARS to RELEASE CO₂ and ALCOHOL
Enrobing This is COATING a food product in something E.g. a thin layer of chocolate
Aerate To ADD AIR into a mixture to help MAKE IT LIGHTER E.g. in cakes
Additive This is something that is ADDED to a food product to IMPROVE ITS PROPERTIES
Standard Components These are PRE-PREPARED INGREDIENTS which are used in the PRODUCTION OF FOOD PRODUCTS Examples: ⦾ ready-made pizza bases ⦾ frozen pastry ⦾ stock cubes ⦾ ready-made cake mixes ⦾ ready-made icing
Glazing Adding a COATING to a product to give it a shiny, glossy appearance
Hydrogeneration A process which makes oils MORE SOLID at room temperature E.g. to make margarine
GM Food (Genetically Modified) A food which has had its GENES altered to give it USEFUL CHARACTERISTICS E.g. a longer shelf life
Organic Crops These are crops which have been grown WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL FERTILISERS OR PESTICIDES
Gelatinisation This is when starch particles SWELL and BURST, THICKENING a liquid
Organic Meat This is meat which is produced to very HIGH WELFARE STANDARDS and WITHOUT the use of ARTIFICIAL GROWTH HORMONES