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1 Culinary uses
1.1 food- boiled/scrambled garnish salads,glaze scones, make stock clear,enrich rice pudding ..see properties
2 effects of cooking/heat
2.1 overcooking=curdling & green ring as iron & sulphur react
2.2 protein coagulates
2.3 white goes transparent to opaque
2.4 bacteria killed
2.5 loss of vit B
3 Buying
3.1 egg info
3.1.1 farming method, country of origin, farm & county Id, Best before date
3.2 carton info
3.2.1 packer, Quality A (best) to C, weight - L/M/S, storage, no.eggs
3.3 options- free range/battery/organic/large/medium/small
3.4 check -no cracks, date, quality, size, if QA logo
3.4.1 egg quality assurance scheme hens salmonella free , traceable, approved by bord bia, eggs have QA logo
4 Storage
4.1 Fridge, pointed end down, away from strong smells, at room temp. before use, whites in container,yolks in water
5 Testing for freshness- water bowl -sink =fresh
6 properties
6.1 1. coagualation
6.1.1 white coagualates@ 60, yolk @-65 ; protein denatures; overcooking=curdling; food application=- thicken custard, bind burgers, coat fish with breadcrumbs
6.2 2. emulsification
6.2.1 emulsifier lecithin in yolk keeps oil & viinegar (water) together e..g mayonnaise
6.3 3. Aeration
6.3.1 whicksin traps air bubbles; heat -=coagulation around bubbles; heat sets; application-white -meringue
7 nutritive value & compostion
7.1 calcium, iron, phosphorous
7.2 13% HBV protein- white =albumin,globulin;yolk =livetin, vitelin yolk
7.3 No carbs
7.4 74% water
7.5 12% saturated fat in yolk in fine emulsion due to lecithin;cholesterol
7.6 B2,B12 in white, ADEK in yolk E.
8 dietetic value
8.1 HBV protein for growth in children. easily digested for elderly, reduce if CHD as saturated fat & choleserol, variety of uses, cheap, serve with carbs/vit c
9 structure