Features of world religions

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Holy writing of Islam Koran
Symbol associated with Judaism
Buddhists follow this to achieve enlightenment e.g. Right thought, Right action Eightfold path
Founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak 1500 AD
Principal holy place of Islam Mecca
Kesh is the chief sign of a Sikh (in a man, a beard is part of this) Uncut hair
Jewish religious leader Rabbi
Five signs of brotherhood of Sikhs Five K s
Founder of Buddhism 460 BC Prince Siddhartha Gautama
Fasting during Ramadan is one of these, Islam is based on them Five Pillars of Islam
Holy writing for Jews made up of first five books of OT Torah
Principal Jewish Celebration- angel of death passed over Jewish households during captivity in Egypt and subsequent freedom Passover
A small replica sword worn by Sikh men Kirpan
Jews celebrate this from sunset Fri to sunset Sat Sabbath
Name meaning lion used by all Sikh men Singh
Jewish food prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary law Kosher
Symbol associated with Christianity
Jewish building of worship Synagogue
Holy place for Hindus (river) Ganges
Festival which concludes Ramadan Eid- al - Fitr
Jewish festival of lights Channukah
Symbol associated with Hinduism
Place of worship for Muslims Mosque
Holy place for Sikhs (Golden Temple) Amritsar
Four divisions of people historically associated with Hindus Caste
A way of intensifying consciousness important for Hindus Yoga
Muslim religious leader Imam
Lowest caste , not allowed to enter village or temple The untouchables
Symbol associated with Sikhism
All Buddhists, many Hindus and Sikhs are this in terms of diet Vegetarian
Most Muslim and Jewish boys have had this procedure Circumcism
The creator in Hinduism Brahma
Christian celebration - coming of the holy spirit six weeks after Easter Whitsun
A state of bliss in Buddhism Nirvana
Symbol associated with Buddhism
Muslim ritual slaughter of meat Halal
Hindu celebration - spraying coloured water/ powder on others Holi
Symbol associated with Islam
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