Physics A2 Equations

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Equations you need to know for CCEA Physics A-Level

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Momentum Mass x Velocity
Force (From momentum) change in momentum / time
Ideal Gas Equation Pressure x Volume ÷ Temperature = No. Moles x Molar Gas Constant = No. Molecules x Boltzmann Constant
Link of KE and Pressure pV = 1/3 Nm <c^2>
Specific Heat Capacity Energy = mass x SHC x diff in temp.
Angular Velocity = 2π / Period
Velocity (Circular Motion) Angular Velocity x Radius
Acceleration (Circular Motion) Velocity x Angular Velocity
Acceleration (Simple Harmonic Motion) - angular velocity ^2 x displacement
Displacement (SHM) Radius x cos(angle)
Radius of nucleus constant x mass no.^(1/3)
Activity (Radioactivity) - time constant x No. of unstable nucleons
Energy mass x speed of light squared
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