C4 - The Periodic Table

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Chemistry module C4 - The Periodic Table

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How did John Dalton describe atoms? As solid spheres
What did J J Thomson concluded from his measurements of charge and mass of atoms? That an atom must contain negatively charged particles
What was J J Thomson's model known as? Plum Pudding model
What theory did Rutherford come up with? The nuclear atom The atom has a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons
How did Bohr's Model add to the theory of an atom's structure? Included the idea that an atom was surrounded by 'shells' of electrons rather than a 'cloud' of electrons
What does the nucleus contain? Protons and neutrons
What charge does the nucleus have? Positive
Where is almost the whole mass of the atom held? In the nucleus
What charge do electrons have? Negative
What is the mass of an atom?
What is the radius of an atom
Fill in the blanks
Why do neutral atoms have no charge? They have an equal number of protons and electrons
What is the mass number? Total number of protons and neutrons
What is the atomic number? The number of protons
What does a new period show in the periodic table? Another full shell of electrons
How do the group numbers relate to the number of electrons on the outer shell of the atom? They are the same e.g. group 1 atoms have 1 electron on their outer shell
Why is an atom described as stable if it has an outer shell of 8 electrons? Its outer shell is full and so is no very reactive
What are isotopes and how are they identified? Different forms of the same element They have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons
What is an ion? An atom or molecule that has lost or gained an electron to become charged
What are ionic bonds formed from? Metals and non-metals
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