The Princess and The Pea: Queen

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Lines to study for the plays on April 14th and 16th

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But, Father, I want to be sure that the girl I marry is a real princess. It says princess right on the list.
Princess Debby, ..... Princess Eva! Every single one is a princess.
You may not wear a crown until you find a wife. Scissors please Ella, snip the thread right her, now Ella I will need a pink thread please.
Then I will never where a crown. I will never marry anyone but a real princess, and I don't know where to find one. "M" is my lucky letter. Please read the names that begin with "M" dear.
I remember meeting Princess Mabel and Princess Mary. They're very beautiful. Then why don't you choose one of them for your bride?
Quite sure. She cried when she stuck her finger with a needle. No real princess would ever cry. I don't know about that. Ouch! Ouch! Quick, quick, Ella! My royal handkercheif! ... Oh dear it hurts!
What are you making Mother? I am making you a lovely new shirt for your wedding.
There are girls I want you to meet...Ella and Della will show them in. Son this is your last chance.
Each one will pretend to be a real princess. How can i be sure they're telling the truth? Ask them some questions.
This is my wife the queen. Delighted to see you my dears.
*Girls dance* I must say you are very graceful.
Mother have you any additional test in mind? Every princess should be able to do fine needlework...See what you can do with this...Excellent, excellent needlework.
I am still not sure. Don't be silly they have passed all the tests.
They can sing and dance. They can do fine needlework.
Anyone who can afford it can wear a beautiful dress. But you can see that these girls are of royal blood just by looking at them.
*Thunder* I have lost all patience with you Prince Peter!
Shall we close the palace windows? Yes, yes! Close them a once, I don't want the new draperies to get wet.
A beggar maid sire, she is dripping wet. Take her to the kitchen and get her some dry clothes.
And she says she's a princess! What?
Did you say you are a princess? What is your name child?
I am a really truly princess, the only one in our family. Please forgive me, child, but you do not look like a princess.
Please mother, see that the princess gets some dry clothing and a hot supper... Come along, my child. I will take you to my room and see that you are cared for.
This looks like a SOFT bed. Make yourself comfortable my dear.
Come Father, let us leave the princess in peace and quiet. Della and Ella will be within call if you need anything. Sweet dreams, little Princess.
How have I done that? Our son has explained to us that Ella put a dried pea under the mattress when she made up your bed.
I should like nothing better, Your Majesty. You have made us very happy my child.
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