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PRE HYPERTENSION 120-139/80-89
HYPERTENSION STAGE 1 140-159/90-99
HYPERTENSION STAGE 2 160 & Up/100 & Up
Hypertension Crisis 180 & Up/110 & Up
Hypotensive 90 or below/60 or below
Normal Respirations 12-20 p/min
Explain Blood Pressure Ventricles contract, blood is pushed out of heart and into aorta & pulmonary artery, causing pressure on the walls of the artery.
Supine Position Lies flat facing upwards
Dorsal Recumbent Lies face up with knees bent
Fowlers Position Lies on table with head of table elevated 90 degrees.
Semi Fowlers Lies on table with the head of table elevated 45 degrees.
Prone Position Lies facedown
Sims Position Lies on left side with right leg sharply bent and knee on table
Knee-Chest Position Rests on knees and chest with head turned to one side.
Trendelenburg Position Lies flat facing upwards, bottom of table elevated 30 degrees
cm to in cm x 0.39 = inches
in to cm in x 2.54 = cm
Kg to Lbs Kg x 2.2 = lbs
Lbs to Kg lbs x 0.45 = Kg
Celsius to Fahrenheit C x 9/5 + 32 = F
Fahrenheit to Celsius (F-32) x 5/9 = C
Intradermal Injection -Volar Forearm, 15 degree angle
Intramuscular Injection 2-3 fingerwidths below acromial process (lateral extension of the spine of the scapula forming the highest point of the shoulder.) 90 degree angle
Subcutaneous Injection Abdomen, back of the upper arm, outer area of the thigh or upper buttocks. 45 degree angle
Vision Test Snellen eye chart, start at 20/70 and go smaller until they cannot see or make 2 mistakes
Sputum/Saliva testing Deep cough, first in the AM or 1hr after meal, 3-5 mL, transport at room temp for immediate testing (sputum) or for hormone test freeze for saliva
Semen Testing Sterile container, protect from light, at body temp- testing within one hour
Inner Canthus Corner of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet
Shock appears gray, ashen or blue with cool skin -airway open -supine position, elevate feet
Syncope Appears flushed, heavily sweating, feels dizzy or nauseated or may faint: -Supine position -Loosen clothing -Open airway -Vital signs
Sterilization 250 degrees to 320 degrees, autoclave or dry heat
Cidex Disinfectant and sterilization of alkaline glutaradehyde
AORTA Main trunk of the systemic arteries
PULMONARY ARTERY Artery that carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
Ventricles The 2 large chambers that collect blood from the atria and expel blood to the entire body or the lungs.
ADULT CPR C, A, B -30 Compression -2 Breaths -5 Cycles (2m) -2 Hands
Child CPR C,A,B -30 Compressions -2 Breaths -5 Cycles (2m) -1 Hand
Infant CPR C,A,B -5 Compressions -1 Breath -2 Fingers
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