Music symbols

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Introduction to music notation

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279b7a32-0254-4729-a4c7-095fd70f5b9a.png (image/png) Stave/Staff 5 horizontal lines and 4 spaces, representing pitch
888f5115-e8d8-4a51-a3a1-a7395daf3970.png (image/png) Ledger Lines Used to extend the stave
e846fbb5-1f41-4423-b602-2848241cc845.png (image/png) Bar Line Used to separate units of time
6d1491ce-047b-4144-b25f-a8d129cc1d17.png (image/png) Double Bar Line Used to separate sections of a music passage, e.g. before a key change or a chorus
033066b2-c7c9-4bcf-bf8d-2e653daa48a1.png (image/png) Bold Double Bar Line End of movement or composition
4f493a43-817e-4a72-a5b1-4d80a341c8b0.png (image/png) Dotted/Dashed Bar Line Subdivides time into shorter segments
edc3d6c0-cc8f-4eae-98ab-668e2a90dcb7.png (image/png) Bracket Connects two lines of music that play at the same time, e.g. two different instuments
67a5ef87-f72a-4233-8407-6aa2c9682c35.png (image/png) Brace Connects two or more staves
e04e51eb-e2d3-459f-8126-c73bd033329d.png (image/png) Treble Clef (g)
5e95cc0e-ef19-4538-b8ba-fa52119e5c40.png (image/png) C Clef
1cfc7e27-5284-438e-803a-98a7a0178dd1.png (image/png) F Clef (Bass)
6036474f-dae0-4822-9f7e-82a1b3365aa5.png (image/png) Neutral Clefs (when there is no pitch)
5807e294-26a0-48fa-bbcd-d1d3cb0654aa.png (image/png) Octave Clef