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Health and Clinical psychology - OCR- Diagnosis of Dysfunction Behavior


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Categorising ; DSM DSM 5 ;section 1;how to use (2) what criteria (3)Measures and models some of 3 sections in it depressive disorders, Anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunction -DSM4; had 374 disorders , updates with society homosexuality was a mental disorder sexual orientation disturbance now no longer in.
Categorising ; ICD 10 International classification of diseases and related health problems published by who used in uk chapter 5 relivant to mental disordered i.e F0 - organic mental disorder F1- mental and behaviour disorders due to psychoactive substances , alpha coding
Categorising ; Evaluation -+ snapshot; changes with society - temporal validity - ethics labeling +holistic looks at range of factors - difficult to contrast as their becoming similar
Defintions ; Rosenhan Statistical infrequency ? abnormality refer to behaviors that are statistically infrequent. Behaviors that deviate significantly from the average are abnormal. this implies there is a normal curve for behaviors
Defintions ; Rosenhan Deviation from social norms ? Behavior that deviates from or violates society implict or explicit rules and normal standards. i.e Drapetomania - irrational desire in slaves to run away
Defintions ; Rosenhan Failure to function Adequately Abnormality as the failure to experience the normal range of emotions or to engage in the normal range of behavior. i.e.personal distress
Defintions ; Rosenhan Deviation from ideal mental health identifies characteristics individuals should posses in order to be considered normal. jahoda by which mental behavior may be defined; Positive view of self, personal growth +self actualisation, Autonomy + accurate view of reality
Defintions ; Rosenhan Evaluation + + useful - doesnt take into account individual differences - unethical to label + vaildty easy to apply to everyday life
Background to Bias - ford ? Historic personality disorder ; attention seeking +over emotional Anti social personality disorder ; violation of rights to others i.e pyscho/sociopaths
Aim to Bias - ford ? To find out if clinicians were stereotyping genders when diagnosing disorders
Method and Design to to Bias - ford ? Self- report quasi as independent variable female or male independent measures design
Participants to Bias - ford ? 354 clinical psychologists from 1127 randomly selected from national register. Mean experience 15.6 yrs, 266 responded
Procedure to Bias - ford ? participants randomly assigned 9 case studies with patients who had ASPD,HPD or equal balance of both. Therapist diagnoses of illness in each study on 7 point scale to which patients showed symptoms to set of 9 disorders. i.e. Alcohol abuse, ASPD,HPD , borderline
Results to Bias - ford ? Sex unspecified cases were diagnosed most often with borderline disorder. Antil-social person disorder correctly diagnosed in 42% in males 15% in females females with ASPD were mis diagnosed with histrionic 46% and males 15% HPD correct n 76% female, 44% male
Conclusion to Bias - ford ? Practitioners are biasied by stereo typical view of gender as it is a clear tendancy to diagnose females with HPD even when case was ASPD.
Evaluation to Bias - ford ?? + useful - isn't specific on gender of practitioners thus individual differences as men may miss diagnose women more etc + looks at individual decision thus nurture - subject attrition - temproal vaildty
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