Healthy eating for adolescent boys

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Healthy eating for adolescent boys, based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Images taken off the web for assignment purposes only.

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Do: fill your plate with colourful veggies. Why: veggies are super foods, they help you prevent and fight disease. Challenge: eat at least two colours of vegetables with lunch and dinner. Tasty idea: try steamed veggies with pasta sauce. Don’t cook them too long or they’ll lose their superpowers!
Do: eat fruit between meals. Why: fruits are super foods, they help you prevent and fight disease. Challenge: eat a new fruit every week. Tasty idea: frozen berries and grapes are great in summer.
Do: add some meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts or beans to your veggies. Why: these foods help your muscles grow strong. Fish also makes you healthier and happy. Challenge: eat fish every week. Tasty idea: mix a can of salmon or tuna with avocado and add to your salad or wholemeal toast
Do: eat wholemeal bread, pasta, cereals, brown rice and oats. Why: whole grains will give you a healthy heart and help you prevent some cancers. Challenge: ask for wholemeal bread next time you buy a sandwich or toast. Tasty idea: have porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter and a sliced banana for breakfast.
Do: eat burgers, pizza, takeaway, pastries, biscuits, cakes and chips only sometimes and in small amounts. Why: this will help you keep a healthy weight and heart. Challenge: cook at home at least three times per week. Tasty idea: make a healthy burger with ground beef, salt and pepper.
Do: drink water instead of soft drinks, sports drinks, cordial, fruit juice and energy drinks. Why: this will help you keep a healthy weight and teeth. Challenge: carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Tasty idea: add some lime or lemon juice to your water.
Do: drink low-fat milk, eat low-fat yoghurt and cheese. Why: these foods will help your bones grow stronger. Challenge: say “no” to flavoured milks. Tasty idea: make smoothies with low-fat Greek yoghurt and your favourite fruit.
Do: wait until you are 18 to have a drink with your mates. Why: your brain won’t grow well if you drink. Challenge: say “no” next time someone offers you a drink. Tasty idea: try a mocktail (that’s a cocktail without the alcohol).
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